Members of Kocaeli Academy for Solidarity organise regular seminars once a week on Wednesdays between 17:00-19:00 at Eğitim-Sen Kocaeli Branch. You are all welcome!


October 5, 2016: Güven Bakırezer: “Freedom of Expression and its Epistemological Foundations: The Case of J. S. Mill”

October 12, 2016: Ruhi Demiray: “Thought when Humanity fall into the Darkness: The Case of Sartre”

October 19, 2016: Forum: “On Peace

October 26, 2016: Gül Köksal: “Professional Responsibility of the Architect: Architecture for Common Good”

November 2, 2016: Onur Hamzaoğlu: “Social Responsibility of the Scientist: The Case of Dilovası”

November 9, 2016: Aynur Özuğurlu: “On our Pain and Anger: Feminist Struggle against Neoliberalism, War and Religion”

November 23, 2016: Hülya Kendir: “Is Peace a ‘Child’s Dream’? Antiwar Movements from Yesterday to Tomorrow

November 30, 2016: Veli Deniz: “The Present and Future Risks of Kocaeli as an Inland Port”

December 7, 2016: Yücel Demirer: “What Does the Multitude of People Changing their Sides according to Wind Tell us about Turkish Politics?”

December 14, 2016: Ümit Biçer: “Losses, Mass Graves and the Search for Truth”

December 21, 2016: Aslı Kayhan: “Solidarity: The Routes forming the Class Culture” and Ömer Furkan Özdemir: “Stealing Fire from Mytology to Truth: Class Function of Academy”

January 18, 2017: Kuvvet Lordoğlu: “Can we examine an INGO (International non-governmental organization) as a Social Policy Tool?”

January 25, 2017: Rauf Kesici: “Labour Markets and Employment Policies in Turkey”

February 1, 2017: Zelal Ekinci: “Science and Identity”

February 8, 2017: Adem Yeşilyurt: “Journalism and Freedom of Media in State of Emergency”

February 15, 2017: Hakan Koçak: “Doing Science of Labour, Doing Science for Labour”

February 22, 2017: Nilay Etiler: “Physical Activity of Women with regard to Gender”

March 1, 2017: Derya Keskin: “Science, Education, Bread and Roses: University for what for whom?”

March 8, 2017: Özlem Özkan: “Education inside Society for Society: The Experience of 2006-2016 İzmit – 42 Evler”

March 15, 2017: Cengiz Erçin: “Pathological Queries: Analogy between Cancer and Fascism”

March 19, 2017: Gül Köksal’s Presentation with Technical Visit: “Our Shared Values of Cultural and Natural Assets: The Case of Kocaeli – İzmit”